Top Four Resources to Learn Python From

Python is a versatile programming language that’s enjoyed by developers for a number of years now. It can be used for everything from automating simple tasks to building sophisticated web applications. 

If you are a student of python, you can never run out of resources to learn the framework. The world of programming is endless, but so is homework. So, if you need some extra time to learn python well, you can hire a Do my Python homework service. Here are four places to learn python from.


Codecademy is the best place to learn if you like to do things together with other people. First, they teach you the theory in as few words as possible. Then, they ask you to use that idea to write code online. The best part is that you don’t have to set up anything, like installing Python on your computer.

Python code can be run right in your browser. Another good thing is that you don’t have to write a full programme until you are ready. You should make small changes and put them into action. This is a great and fun way to learn how to write code in Python.

I have used their interactive platform to learn JavaScript, Java, Python, and Linux. They used to be completely free, but now they use a “freemium” model where some lessons or courses are only available to members who pay for them.

At the moment, their Learn Python 2 course is free, but only paid members can take the Python 3 course. If you can afford CodeAcademy and like it, go ahead and sign up, but if you can’t, just start with their Python 2 course, which is great for people who have never coded before.


It’s another popular platform for online courses, and it probably has the most online courses of any place on Earth. I like Udemy because you can find a free course on just about anything you want to learn.

Unlike Codecademy, you don’t have to pay for a subscription to sign up for free Python courses. Instead, you just need to make a free account. Most teachers give their courses away for free when they first start them so they can get some attention, reviews, and social proof. But there are also free Python courses that are good and don’t cost anything. 

The Python class at Google

If you don’t already know, Google’s Python class is an excellent set of Python tutorials for beginners. This free class is for people who already know a little bit about programming and want to learn Python. The course has written tutorials, video lectures, and a lot of code exercises to help you learn how to code in Python.

The first exercises focus on basic Python ideas like strings and lists. These get you ready for the next exercises, which are full programmes that deal with text files, processes, and HTTP connections. 

Google does a lot of its own work with Python. And these materials are usually used at Google to teach Python to people who are new to coding or have not done much programming.

The best thing about this material is that you can watch lecture videos on YouTube. You don’t need any other account because of this. It also shows you how to set up your own Python development environment, which can be hard at first but is great in the long run.

The free Python course from Microsoft

How can Microsoft be so far behind if Google has a Python class? Well, there is also a free Python course on Edx, which is a well-known website for free education. This free course is called “Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner.” It is taught by Eric Camplin, Senior Content Developer, and it is for people who have never used Python before.

This course will teach you Python using Jupyter Notebooks, which is an online coding editor for Python that you can use in your browser without having to install Python. It’s a 5-week course where you study for 3–4 hours each week.

The Microsoft Professional Program in Entry-Level Software Development, which is also free, includes this course. Only when you need a certification do you have to pay. 


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