What should you know about the Chadar trek?

Zanskar has long been one of the most mysterious areas in India. During the cold winter, the Zanskar area in Ladakh gets cold, and the Zanskar river freezes over and forms sheets (chadar) of ice.

For the past few years, the Chadar trek has attracted travelers and hikers worldwide to make the Chadar Frozen River Trek one of the most famous, terrifying, and enchanting winter treks in India.

Chadar trek requires preparation well before you make the trek. You can visit Ladakh-tourism.net for Chadar trek packages and a complete guide. Here we will glance over a few things you should be aware of before making the trek.

The area’s temperature can drop well below zero degrees during the hike, and you must make sure you are in good physical shape and well prepared for the extreme cold.

The Zanskar River freezes entirely in early January and remains frozen for the next couple of months. The best time for this trek is from mid-January to early February. It is vital to ensure that you receive regular updates on the weather conditions in the area.

Chadar trek is said to be one of the most demanding treks in India for reasons such as trekking in temperatures that drop below 30 degrees Celsius, camping without basic amenities, walking 10 kilometers every day in challenging environments, and the dangers of walking on ice.

Chadar trek requires not only an excellent physical condition but also an outstanding level of mental preparation. Hikers with a good fitness level and those who have hiked the Himalayas before can take the Chadar trail. However, it is just fine for beginners as well.

The chadar trek is going to test your mental strength. Though the expedition does not have drastic variation in contour like other Himalayan treks, you will walk on a frozen river for about 5-6 hours a day for eight days and carry a backpack not heavier than 10 kg.

A moderate level of fitness is good enough to prepare for the trek. The first thing to do is check your current fitness level.

If you wear glasses, you can wear them under a large pair of sunglasses. You can also buy powdered polaroid glasses or make custom sunglasses for yourself.

People that wear contact lenses can wear them during the trek without worry. Just be sure to bring enough cleaning solution to clean your fingers thoroughly before using the lens.

Avoid bringing cardigans on the trek as they are heavy and will not protect you from the snow. For your basic t-shirt, avoid wearing cotton t-shirts and choose dry-fit t-shirts instead. They will wick away your sweat and keep you dry at all times.

If you plan to buy a jacket, choose a padded coat and not a down jacket. Padded jackets require little maintenance and are generally water-resistant.

When shopping for pants, be sure to buy ones with zippered pockets. This will help you keep your phone safe and convenient.

Do not bring track pants instead of trek pants. Sweatpants can be an added layer if you feel freezing, but avoid wearing them as trekking pants.

Avoid wearing cotton as your clothes will frequently get wet due to the conditions, and drying out clothes will not be easy. Thus, buy water-resistant and waterproof clothing for the trek and avoid cotton.


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