5 Positive Things You Can Learn from Plus Sized People

When you’re feeling down, it can be hard to remember that beauty comes in many different forms. There are some good things about being plus size that only a plus-sized person would really understand and appreciate. Well, here are five great things to learn from a plus size individual.

They don’t notice if they lose or gain 5 pounds, and it doesn’t bother them.

Sure, they sometimes think about going on a diet, but if they lose or gain five pounds unexpectedly, it doesn’t show on the outside of their body. Unless they use a bathroom scale every day, they usually don’t know and don’t care if they lose or gain a small amount of weight. 

Many people who are obsessed with their bodies worry every day about any change in their weight, but most plus-sized people aren’t worried about it. Every time they look in the mirror, they see the same person. Five pounds isn’t a big deal, but they freak out and worry about it all the time.

They work hard and use their minds to get people to respect them.

It’s not a lie that being pretty has its benefits, but those of us who weren’t so lucky had to work hard and use our minds to get anywhere. We became stronger because of our determination and sense of responsibility. 

People who are big and successful are some of the most driven and hardworking people you will ever meet. In spite of what most people think, people who are overweight are not lazy just because they are bigger. 

Because they are bigger, they often have to work twice as hard to get what thinner people get for half as much work. This can be a good thing because it builds character, something that many people of average size probably don’t have enough of.

They are tough

Let’s face it, if they were overweight as kids like I was, they were picked on and bullied by both kids and adults. They got used to being called names and having farm animal noises made at them. 

They find out early on that not everyone will like them, and they’re okay with that. It’s not that they expected to be insulted at any time; it’s just that when it does happen, it doesn’t shock and hurt them as much as it might hurt a normal-sized person.

If you are a plus sized person in need for assistance, plus size zeal is the best guide for plus-size people as you can find all there is to know, such as health and diet tips, workouts for plus size people, accepting being overweight and working to reduce it, along with fashion and other aspects.

They can laugh at themselves.

For many people who are overweight, the only way to get people’s attention and make them happy is to be funny. They are also usually the funniest people you’ll ever meet. 

They are so good at making people laugh that they should really have their own comedy sitcom that airs during prime time. Everyone loves someone who can make them laugh so hard they cry or pee their pants. Most people who aren’t plus-sized aren’t as good at this skill as people who are.if

It doesn’t bother them to eat out in public.

They can eat anything they want without caring what other people think. People often give them looks of disapproval anyway, so they are used to it. People stare at them if they try to eat well, and they are still thought to be slowly killing themselves if they eat badly. 

They will be punished no matter what they do, so they might as well enjoy that buffet. They also don’t look at the number of calories on menus and do mental math to figure out if a meal will make them gain half a pound or not. They just don’t give a damn.


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