Some Watercolor Tattoo Designs You Can Consider

Watercolor tattoos are easily recognizable at a glance because they look like a watercolor painting on the skin. A soft and delicate palette of colors and shapes is often created with drips and brush strokes, much like the original characteristics of watercolor painting.

Any image can be turned into a watercolor-style tattoo, with flowers and nature images being the most popular. 

Still, some images lend themselves more to this style than others. Tattoo designs like letters, geometric shapes, and most old-school designs are not the best candidates for watercolor tattoos.

Instead, you may want to consider plants, animals, feathers, and designs that do not require outlines. The abstract shapes and flowing figures look great and take advantage of the technical skills that tattoo artists use in watercolor tattoos.

Like other tattoo styles, the texture of the tattoo does not depend on any particular substrate and is highly dependent on personal taste. Consider watercolor tattoos for non-traditional designs that may not work with traditional tattoo styles.

Once you have decided which tattoo you would like or even if you are unsure and would like to speak to an expert, best watercolor tattoo artists in st paul, mn are always there to answer your concerns.

You may want to try different designs and you are free to choose the style you want on your skin. If you are new to watercolor tattoos and have no idea what designs to use, here are some suggestions.

When you cannot think of a picture, you can find the words that you love. People often rely on Latin phrases close to their hearts. You can choose anything that is relevant to you.

Women of all ages admire the beauty of flowers. The shadows used in this design are close to nature. There are different types of flowers, but people like to wear things that have meaning behind them.

You can get tattoos that represent life and the changes that accompany it. Like the phases of the moon. If you are passionate, this type of tattoo works best for you as it will constantly remind you to accept change.

The butterfly is the most important symbol in the tattoo industry. It is common and popular for its ability to adapt to any part of the body. Also, its colorful glow attracts people. It is a symbol of honor, beauty, and luck.

The tree of life has a long history and is sacred to many. The meaning is different depending on the culture you belong to. In general, it represents knowledge, protection, forgiveness, and eternal life.

If you are a fan of art, you can get a copy of your favorite painting done on your skin. The most recognizable names are Starry Night and Scream. If you are interested in the art based on books and movies, you can also get them. Also, it could be your pet, a family member, or someone you admire. 


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