Setting Up a VMS Trailer: The 2022 Guide

A variable message sign can be used in all kinds of situations. Whether it is directing traffic near construction sites, controlling crowds at sports venues and public events, or promoting sales in a shopping complex, VMS trailer hire can be used as an effective and universal communication tool. They are easy to program and run 24 hours to get the word out.

They are also very easy to place and configure. Here are my tips on how to set up a VMS trailer to get the best effect.

However, first check with your local city hall or road authority before placing your VMS trailer. Some authorities have rules about how and where you can use variable message signs, although in general, they are more applicable to traffic control situations that are heavily regulated.

Make sure the trailer park brakes are on so the wheels will not spin or move when you are setting up.

Position the jockey wheel to the vertical position and roll the handle up, push the wheel towards the ground until the trailer is free from the tow ball of the vehicle. Leave the safety chains temporarily attached.

Loosen the spring-loaded pins to drop the four outrigger legs and then extend the legs and roll them to the ground to form a stable, well-balanced support.

Block the wheels with the chain and tamper proof lock. Pass the chain through the holes in the wheel rim.

You can now use the up / down and rotation controls to position your sign. First, use the main control box to bring the sign up so you can rotate it freely. Before lifting it more vertically to its final position, place it horizontally at the point where you want it.

Rotate the mast until the screen is in the desired position. A good rule of thumb is that if you are placing the sign on the side of the road, make sure it is tilted about five degrees rather than going straight into oncoming traffic so it does not glare and isn’t a threat.

Make sure the solar panels are in the best position to charge the batteries. To do this, search for true north through the Compass app on your smartphone. Raise the solar panel by gently stepping on the trailer and turning the lower handle of the solar tilt assembly.

Push the solar panel up to release it and angle it to the true north for maximum sun exposure. Pull the rotation lock level down, and then carefully step off the trailer.

Now that your trailer is secure and the solar panel and signs are in the correct angle position, you can lift the sign. When your mark is in the desired rotation, keep the sign fully raised using the ‘up’ control.

Verify that your trailer is secure, including the locking padlock on the control box, the display, and the tow hitches. Now you can start scheduling your messages.


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