Choosing a funny t-shirt quote you like

The first t-shirts with quotes were sold by Mr. Freedom in the 1960s, a store on King’s Road in London founded by Trevor Miles and Tommy Roberts. These shirts had Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and the rest of the group. 

Most people in this 21st century see personalization as an important need. It goes without saying that in today’s workplace, the loneliness and monotony of the day-to-day uniform can be quite depressing and can lead to some serious mental problems. 

This is because people who are forced to wear the same clothes for years cannot show their nature and personality by how they dress.

This item is designed primarily for the work environment, but a funny slogan t-shirt can brighten your mood and also everyone else. Employees will enjoy wearing those shirts on Friday as a token of appreciation from the boss. Every time someone sees your t-shirt, they will laugh or at least start smiling, which will make the work environment a bit calmer, improving performance during work hours. 

As long as no obscene quote or message is offensive or hateful, anything goes. This is a great way to start the conversations, talking quotes over a cup of coffee during lunch. 

We are all more or less different, which means that the possibilities of these types of shirts are endless, you can only find out by visiting websites that sell such t-shirts. Also, if you cannot find something that you like or that represents you, a large number of stores will print the message you want on a t-shirt at a very affordable price.

There are many sources of inspiration when it comes to choosing a quote for a t-shirt. Of course, you can have your own motto. With television, music, movies, the Internet and other types of media, it is almost impossible not to find the right quote for your shirt.

So, if you are looking for such funny t-shirts to sport during work, casual outings or any specific occasions, Chummy Tees offer a great range of t-shirts suited to people of all ages. You could be a college student, a couple madly in love, a grandparent, etc and you will find a t-shirt for you.

Also, regardless of your age or gender, there are t-shirts that have quotes on politics, environment and other serious affairs in a humorous way, which is a great way to talk about uncomfortable subjects and even strike healthy conversations.

However, the most popular kinds of t-shirts are those that express your personality and quirks. You never know you might run into a person who can relate to your shenanigan enthusiast shirt andthis could be the start of a great friendship or a love affair.

T-shirts do not have to be plain and boring and they do not have to just be a piece of clothing. With funny t-shirts, you can express your personality, your opinions about things and highlight what you believe in or pop culture phenomena that you like.


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