How can moisturizers help eliminate intimate dryness?

Similar to the skin on your face that changes with age, so does the skin on your private parts. Regardless of whether vaginal dryness is due to natural hormonal changes during menopause, abnormal hormonal changes in cancer treatment, or antidepressant medications, the conditions are pretty uncomfortable and painful.

Just like you get a moisturizer for your face if it feels dry and itchy and applies it regularly over time to get your skin back in good condition, an intimate moisturizer works similarly for your vagina.

An intimate moisturizer is applied externally to reduce itching, burning, and irritation of the vaginal area. Some vaginal moisturizers require prescriptions, while others can be purchased over the counter in liquids, creams, and gels.

Vaginal dryness has three major causes, and it is usually the age of women. The dryness of the vaginal also makes it less elastic. Women may begin to notice changes in their natural lubrication in their 40s and early 50s; however, younger women can also experience the condition.

With age, women start making less estrogen. Estrogen is an essential hormone in women that plays a critical role in keeping the vagina moist.

However, regardless of age, the body can be producing low levels of estrogen. Menopause can occur prematurely due to some surgery, such as ovarian removal surgery.

Cancer treatments can cause vaginal dryness. Treatments such as chemotherapy, vaginal or pelvic radiation, vaginal or reproductive organ surgery can cause lower levels of estrogen and increased vaginal dryness.

An intimate moisturizer keeps the vagina moist throughout the day. They work just like the body lotions you use to keep your skin soft and damp throughout the day.

You can use a vaginal moisturizer to keep your vagina moist throughout the day. Unlike lubricants, a vaginal moisturizer does not have to be used only before intercourse and can be used daily before bed.

You can use vaginal moisturizer multiple times a week to help keep your vagina healthy and comfortable. There are different types of vaginal moisturizers, and the cream is applied topically. The gels are also used similar to a cream. They are usually slightly lighter in color and texture.

You can even use moisturizers in vaginal suppositories, where tablets or capsules are placed inside the vagina.

Natural oils also work great for reducing vaginal dryness. Natural oils such as coconut and almond oils can also be used.

You can buy natural oils at drug stores, and they can also be found in most health food stores. There are many ways to hydrate your intimate areas and avoid the itching and discomfort caused by it.

Regardless of the type of moisturizer you use, read the product label and follow the directions as indicated.


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